Attention Followers!

I follow you guys on Tumblr for a reason right ?!

I followed a lot of people on Tumblr & I get people posting about Inappropriate Stuff like People Cumming, Having Forced Sex & Sucking Men’s Penis !!

Are you guys for real??

These are way of Inappropriate !!

You guys should stop this Madness!!

Everybody else who don’t post this kind of crazy stuff are my kind of people & l respect it !

Drugs, Forced Sex & Other Stuff?!

I Really find this Disturbing & Gross !!

I would never do this stuff in my life!

I am just a simple DL guy who likes Diapers & enjoys it !

Why do you guys do these things?!

Why are people so Rude ? They should rethink their problems in their minds or face their consequences !

Love is like a tough thing to find !

You have to meet love or let love try to find you!

It’s Hard When Your Looking For That Perfect Someone Your Age & That They Are Intersted Into Diapers!